Extra-Curricular Activities

Physical Education: Swimming and Sports

Enjoyment in sports is an education in its own right and increases children’s motivation and performance in other areas of studies.

All three classes have sports on a weekly basis. The aim is to promote co-ordination and team play.

Children in Casa 2 and Elementary also have weekly swimming lessons at the pool in Waterloo.


Music and Drama

The Montessori approach aims at developing musical appreciation at a very early age as we believe that a child’s language development is enhanced through music.

Poetry and music lessons are part of the daily programme, Dalcroze Music and Movement classes are given once a week.

Private piano lessons are available during school hours.

Children’s play leads naturally into spontaneous acting and drama. We encourage children to develop their imagination through concerts and plays.

Parents are invited to performances. There is a concert in winter and a play in June.


Forest School

Nature walks and outdoor activities are an essential part of the children’s weekly programme. After lunch, usually on a Monday, the children walk to the nearby forests and spend the afternoon. A nature notebook, crafts and displays are made from the items they discover on these outings. The main objective is developing an appreciation and love for nature.


Annual Open Day

The open Day is a festive celebration of the school. Each year there is a different theme and all activities, crafts, food and games are organised around the topic. It is a very festive day. New parents are invited to visit the school giving them the opportunity to meet parents and children from the school.


Mother’s and Father’s Day

Children invite their mothers and fathers for breakfast/afternoon tea to celebrate their special day. They make cakes, host the event, sing songs in both English and French and give a special handmade craft to their parents.


Parent – Teacher Relationship

We firmly believe that the school and parents can work together to develop the full potential of each child. Parent Teacher conferences are held twice a year. We invite parents to assist with various activities in the class, enabling us to establish a cooperative and supportive relationship.


Parent Hand Books

All information regarding the day to day requirements for your child are available in the school hand books.