Mrs. Noorus Sabah Siddiqi is the Head of the school and the Nursery class teacher. Sabah grew up travelling with her parents. Her father was in the Foreign Service which enabled her to experience many different countries and cultures. She graduated in Economics and Psychology from Punjab University and completed her teacher’s training diploma in 1971.
Sabah discovered the gift of Montessori education when her son went to a Montessori School. Seeing him thrive in the calm, structured working environment encouraged her to study the method and in 1988 she completed studies to become a Montessori Directress from the London Montessori Centre. She then worked in a local Montessori school in Waterloo and founded Montessori House Belgium in 1995. In 2008 she received her Elementary 6 to 9 teaching diploma.
Sabah believes “We aim to help the children discover their unique individual potential through their own efforts, at their own pace. This is largely achieved by applying the Montessori philosophy in its true form and by preparing the working environment in a way that the child’s development is a natural process.”